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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kings & Queens Of England Biography!

I was really excited to actually have the chance to see this biography.  Although,  I did not hear any good reviews about this biography.  So I did not purchase this item,  instead I rented this biography from the library.

I am not surprised this biography got low reviews.  This biography goes through the history of England faster than most prostitutes goes through men! lol.
I've wanted to learn more about Anglo-Saxon times,  and the Dark ages.  Which this biography did not explain fully.  This movie only gave you little facts on each era;  that you could pretty much have attained this simple information off Internet,   or better yet history book,  I can't even say that! you would probably learn more in your history book;  It was more like those little facts you get from those Internet sites that just point out the basics.  Like Cliffs Notes

The reenactments during the movie look forced.  It was like they said "let's put this movie together fast as possible and just sell!" a Quick get rich scheme!.  Even the Historians looked bored.  lol

I will give this biography a little justice.  The desirability to learn more is there! This a good quick review through King's  and Queen's,  which would make you want to expand more,  learn more etc. But that is all! I did also love that Richard The III was looked upon nicely.

My ratings
2 out of 5 ( I am being nice) lol
Profitez "Enjoy"

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