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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pride & Prejudice: " First Impressions"

As most people know I am a big fan of all BBC Classics.

I've just recently come by another Pride & Prejudice a 1985 adaption. Very becoming movie with a lot of potential. I would not say this adaption is " Bewitching" as the 1995, or 2005 adaptation.  This adaption stays true to the novel; which some adaptions lose credibility, and were this adaptions wins. As majority of recent, or past cast members had a notable cast for popularity.  This adaptation gives a great feel too a realistic point of view of Pride & Prejudice.

I can never make a decision, on which Pride & Prejudice I love the most.
I would say this is close to the novel, but with no passion which bring this movie way down, too a low.

Pro's & Con's ( yes we are back to this again) LOL

-The Bennet family, actually looks like a real family, they actually looks related. Also the Darcy's, Bingley's,  & even the Lucas.
-David Rintoul, as Mr. Darcy. Very good looking Mr.Darcy
-Seems like a realistic Pride & Prejudice
-David Rintoul as Mr.Darcy, was ok..... in the acting section... I just did not feel the emotions. Seems like he kept the same facial expression throughout the film; plain, and simple and no emotion.
-Elizabeth Garvie as Elizabeth Bennet, eh...I just did not grow to lover her. I actually disliked her. This is not the Elizabeth Bennet, I know.
-Wickham eh, gosh. Mr. Wickham is always portrayed more handsome, than Mr. Darcy, but not in this adaption.. LOL
-Mr. Bennet also seems more cruel, and mean. 
So many Con's I can not even list.

I believe all Pride & Prejudice's Movies have pro's, and con's. It's just come down too "Good Acting" too make it more personable, and believable. As we grow with Jane Austen most beloved character. This adaptation is only for true fans of Jane Austen. I would not suggest this adaptation for new-comers. This adaptation would only cloud your judgement on Jane Austen.
David Rintoul as Fitzwilliam Darcy
Elizabeth Garvie as Elizabeth Bennet
Peter Settelen as George Wickham
Priscilla Morgan as Mrs. Bennet
Moray Watson as Mr. Bennet
Sabina Franklyn as Jane Bennet
Natalie Ogle as Lydia Bennet
Tessa Peake-Jones as Mary Bennet
Clare Higgins as Kitty Bennet
Osmund Bullock as Charles Bingley
Marsha Fitzalan as Caroline Bingley
Irene Richard as Charlotte Lucas
Malcolm Rennie as Mr. Collins
Judy Parfitt as Lady Catherine de Bourgh
Emma Jacobs as Georgiana Darcy
Barbara Shelley as Mrs. Gardiner
Michael Lees as Mr. Gardiner

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