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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Last Boleyn.......

Fascinating novel.  My first taste of historical fiction novel.

When most people think of Boleyn, often think of hmm.... Anne Boleyn? or Mary Boleyn "The English Mare". As most would have resentment against Mary Boleyn past. Karen Harper brought Mary Boleyn into a new light. Karen Harper has gotten me to the point of craving historical fiction novels, and I can not get enough.

By reading this novel, I am more enchanted by Mary Boleyn than anything else. I see Anne as a goal-driven women with a lot of charm, but willing to do whatever too get where she wants. 
On the other hand, while Mary was more of the quite "Innocent type" with a good heart. Mary comes off more as a push-over & insecure.
Mary is actually a heroine is this novel that you actually grow to love, admire, & yes cherish. Mary, tenders my heart. 

Mary is actually the strongest in her family. Her quiet disposition always keeps her thinking sharp, and on -time. Bravo!. 
As the novel goes on; Mary seems to be tossed between two kings, both can care less for her. A husband more infatuated with he's sister, and the family name all in the name of "duty".

" Here comes William Stafford, I curtsy, and he bows"
Sorry my imagination gets the best of me. LOL . "Wonderful world of imagination"

Sir William Stafford; I fell so much in love with him. He's protection, & kindness. How could you not fall in love?
While Mary was Henry VIII mistress, William was persistence, and never gave up on the women he was absolutely in love with .

All the men in Mary life I must say is horrible; From her father, to Francis I, to Henry Carey, to Henry VIII. 
All these men used, and abused Mary. 
I wonder how the real Mary was feeling? must been very hard on her.

"Then there was the vixen, Anne Boleyn. Please do not bow, or curtsy" 
"My imagination again".

No, No,
Do not get me wrong. I do not dislike Anne, In fact I admire her also, well in some ways. But, how could she marry a man her sister, was having a affair with for years; for her own personal gain. With Anne, it's just a  another story, of money cannot buy you happiness, a crown, or a lost love.

The family ends with disgrace, & death.

Great novel. I actually felt the pain she was feeling; from doubt, insecurity, mistreatment, cruelty, shame, & loneliness. 
I admire her; this novel shows her to have great strength. I actually learned from this novel.
It's a must read mes amours; this novel will soften your heart and bring a tear, or many ( in my case lol).
My Ratings 5 out 5
I hope my Blog Brings you peace, love, & happiness.
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Nailah D'arcy

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