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Friday, July 22, 2011

Albums fait Avec l'amour: La Vie en Rose Soundtrack

 I will admit, I have not previewed all Edith Piaf music. Hey don't sweat me about it, lol. I am still a big fan. I've just discover her music about a year ago. Recently, I have had the honor of hearing more of her music.

This soundtrack, was amazing. It's completely re-mastered, So the sound is clearer. But the soundtrack is only of Ms. Piaf most famous works. I actually, love the additionally songs go with the mood of the movie; even if Ms. Piaf talents was only shown  at the beginning of the album, with no more than 11 songs. 

Overall, It was still an enjoyable album. But my only problem was where was Edith??. She has more than 11 Amazing works. The track it taken up by "Other Artist" which is not that bad, but it should be based on Ms. Piaf music. 
And "La Vie En Rose" not in French?.. 
only the english version...come on

I can see why some fans were disappointed about the album. There fans of Edith, and just wanted to hear her music. But it is a soundtrack.
I loved it. Fascination by Maya Barsony. Wow Love it , just beautiful, also L'éveil, L'éveil and of course Ms. Piaf works. 

Thanks, Christopher Gunning, Jil Aigrot, Charly Maresca, Frédéric Foret, Alceo Passeo, Maya BarsonyEdith Piaf.

My ratings 4 out of 5
bonsoir espoir mon blog vous apporter la paix et le bonheur.
Goodnight hope my blog bring you peace and happiness.
Amour Toujours 
Nailah D'arcy 

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