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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

No title

Delicacy once a notable finery
Oh! How things have changed
From opulence to decadent debauchery

The once that lived
Forever, shamed by their genealogy and silenced individuals whom have concept of reality  

I simply explained deplorably behavior to the lost & found ancestry.

Life is funny isn't it?
How it all connects to one commodity.
By Nailah D'arcy

The Love of The Written Word

 My Loves,

I have not been keeping my word. And, for that, I apologize. Life has been emotionally vexing. I'll be lying if I said everything that has been going on hasn't affected me. My outlook on life. Just being dammit. Eh, I use curse words now. Look how dire things got for my psyche. Everything has erased those colored lenses glasses I was wearing.

I want to start a new blog, but then I feel the need not to. Who really wants to hear my poetry and my vibrant writing style. Living now is raw, and radicalized; when you present things that are pretty and nice to look at, they're never to finalized, or respected.

Eh, I hate even speaking to people now of days. That's a job, in itself. I just want to be left alone in my own world of perfection.

However Loves, I will be writing an article on something interesting, for all my Trekkie fans & Forsyte fans. However, I wanted to post a new poem that I have written.  Enjoy :)


Romantique Innocence By Nailah D'arcy