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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Woman's Body Is A Man's Temple; Neverthless, She's Still Caged

Over the weekend, I finally got to visually watch  Dangerous Beauty. 
Yes, no Trailer!.. Thank Zeus

I've been longing to see this film.  I've tried to retrieve it through the library, then, netflex, and now the library finally let the gates flood through, with this national treasure of a poetess.

So the real question is, did I like it? I tell you. But if I do, you must not keep it a secret. You must tell the world with your loquacious tongue...what was said here today. 

 So what's the fuss about? A  fictional tale of the infamous Veronica Franco!
Who was she? An educated, charming  courtesan.
May I continue with my review? 

Charm effervescently from a voice of the heart of poetess. Every word seems like a scheme to beguile your sense.
Undiluted by the trade of courtesans. Veronica Franco was convinced by her mother that she'll never have the married life  ( although, records say she was married before proceeding to becoming  a courtesan.. I'll let this slide)

The movie starts off slowly, with a well crafted poem as its presentation. Prostitutes pushed down the lagoons on a gondolas; in a salacious manner, which would be obscene even to people nowadays ( unless this was mardi gras). We see Veronica as a pre teen, when everything, and everyone excite her senses, even courtesans. 

Veronica is a bold woman. Vivacious, and lively. Her airy presences catch the eye of Marco Venier. 

Her reign of enchantment led men to their depth,with her sympathy.. But there is one man that adores her above all, Marco Venier. He stares into her soul, and reaches out his hand to touches her mind. They go back and forth, filled with enraged jealously, and a damaged ego.

Witchcraft, and unrequited lover bring them back together. As just as the movie began is how it ended, in a gondola.
Loved It & Hated It 
There is a distinctive beauty to this film. It has all the eloquence, and the simplicity of Venice. With inserted dialogues of beautiful poetry. Simple, yet felt like you were invading a quaint place that holds all the secrets of beauty, and art. 
The trail oration, no words on how beautiful that scene was.

Loved the cinematography stunning. 

What I hated: the trial , eh, romantic, yes, nothing like your lover saving you; However, I know that's not how it went down. Too many inaccuracies. I know It's Historical fiction, but, eh.. not a fan of faux romanticized tales. 

My ratings 4.5 out of 5
A must see, for those who love beauty, and understand the undefine part of our world. 
Amour Toujours My loves
Nailah D'arcy
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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Ageless Woman

A girls voice lies in temptation
In a woman's voice  lies in education
The flow of a woman fluidity grows in inflation
To perpetual nothingness
A doted wantonness.
While she ponders on,
She thinks and askew of blunders
Her promiscuity slips through her hands... From a child, a girl, and to a man's... and she sits and wonders
As he enfolds her feigned trotted mind, that was once bold, and his forever remained apprehended.
The delicacy she once had, has fallen from grace,
The temptress in her, now wants to escape..
He looks upon her foible, as a harlots tongue, a manageable foil.
She turns to run, that gyrates to strolling.
Idly she walks as a fugitive, and lands with an another holder, and repressor of her dreams.
Her new lunatic now commands her to regenerate 
From a girl, now to a woman, and now she sees. 
A girls voice is cut short 
A woman noise is a blunt force.
By Nailah D'arcy 
Amour Toujours 


Romantique Innocence By Nailah D'arcy